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we will be fair, balanced, and unafraid. ♪ ♪. >> shepard: an election year fight over how much money americans get in their paychecks. both political parties hoping to cash in on the tax fight. >> we don't need more top down economics. >> shepard: a new political gamble over taxes. the president announcing he wants the wealthiest americans to pay more. but republicans still want tax cuts for everyone. [cheers] >> shepard: tonight, what it could mean for the election. plus, cell phone surveillance. carriers reporting a huge spike in law enforcement demands for customer information. tonight, privacy versus security.
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and. [shouting] >> shepard: parents throw punches at a little league baseball game. and good evening from kansas city. kaufman stadium ahead of tomorrow's major league all-star game the mid summer classic only on fox. big fox invited us here to check out the festivities in k.c. home of the royals and mighty good barbecue. national league up for bp tonight ahead of the home run derby. the stadium has been around here since the early 1970s. it looked pretty future his stick they tell us. recent years hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrades something this great city plans to show off over the course of the next two nights. we'll be here and big fox will be here and the news begins now on fox news channel. the battle over your taxes starts us off tonight. president obama calling for congress to extend the so-called bush tax cuts but only for families making less than $250,000 a year.
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those tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year. republicans are demanding an extension for everybody, including the very richest americans. and, yes, the white house and congress have fought this battle before. the president says they can fight it all over again after they extend the cuts for the middle class. something he says everyone supports. >> let's agree to do what we agree on. let's not hold the vast majority of americans and our entire economy hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the wealthy. >> shepard: the president says the wealthy don't need another tax cut. but republicans claim raising taxes on the very richest americans would hurt small businesses and job creators as they call them. a spokeswoman for the former massachusetts governor mitt romney says, and i quote: it just proves that the president doesn't have a clue how to get america working again and help the middle class it is fox top story tonight. wendell goler is on it live at the white house. wendell, the president says
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most small businesses would actually keep their tax cuts, right? >> that's true, shep. turns out only about 3% to 5% of small business owners make more than $250,000 a year according to the national federation of independent business. now, republicans argue the tax hike would hit roughly half of small business income. but the president's aides say that means republicans are trying to protect a very small percentage of small businesses that actually make quite a lot of money. >> the fact is they are often partners in law firms or hedge fund managers. they are not the kind of small businesses that you and i tend to think of when we think about small businesses. they are not small businesses who have been helped again and again by this president. >> still republicans say those well-to-do small businesses are the ones most likely to hire new workers, shep. >> shepard: wendell, back in 2009, the president argued the economy was too weak to raise taxes, any taxes. but apparently something has changed since then. >> well, we were in recession then. and technically we're not now. though vice president biden says for millions of people it
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feels like a depression. still, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell points out two years ago when we were technically out of the recession, mr. obama made the same argument. >> this is the same president who signed the very same thing two years ago with the argument -- >> -- i understand that part. >> make the economy worse. >> two years ago the president got an extension of jobless benefits and the payroll tax cut as part of the deal. neither of those are on the table now, shepard. >> shepard: wendell goler live for us at the white house tonight. wendell, thanks. governor romney is leaving president obama in the dust in the race to raise campaign cash. both camps report june was the best fundraising month either candidate has had. it was a lot better for governor romney. the details on the fundraising battle coming up inside fox report. first, the republic controlled house of representatives this week set to vote for the 31st time on whether to repeal the president's recently upheld healthcare law. but because the repeal has absolutely no chance of passing in the senate, democrats who support the law
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say the vote will once again be nothing more than political theater. as you probably know, the supreme court ruled late last month that the healthcare law was constitutional and is even still. republicans have vowed to do everything in their power to get rid of the law. of course, they don't have that much power in this matter. as it stands right now, the only real way that could happen is if governor romney wins the presidency and republics take over the senate in a landslide. shannon bream is live in washington with more. no chance of that happening before november. so what's the point? >> well, democrats say, shep, there is no point. this is all for show that republics, of course, will easily get this measure out of the house but it will never see the light of day in the senate. here's new jersey democrat frank pallone. >> it's like grand how long day around here. i'm just tired of it. i think the american people are tired of it i have to be honest in the time that i was home over the last 10 days not that many people mentioned the affordable care act to me other than to say they liked it and they were glad that the
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supreme court upheld it. >> still that repeal vote is set for wednesday, shep. >> shepard: shannon, how are republicans responding to this tonight? >> well, they say it's all about principle. they admit the u.s. healthcare system does need a makeover but they say the president's healthcare law isn't the way. here is california republic david dreier. >> we want to repeal this so that we can in fact, replace. there is a need. we all recognize the need. priority is job creation, economic growth but this is a need that has to be addressed. >> by the way, there are currently 12 democrats in the house who voted no on the original healthcare bill. today, one of them larry of north carolina announced he will vote with republicans to repeal the entire bill on wednesday. shep? >> shepard: shannon bream live in washington tonight. shannon, thank you. police and other law enforcement agencies have already -- they do already have information about your cell phone and texting habits, many of you. even if you are not suspected of a single crime. that's one of the many findings from a brand new government study. the major cell phone carriers
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including at&t, verizon, t mobile, sprint, all the big ones report that authorities are asking for data, including cell phone locations, wiretaps, even your text messages. the requests, we're told, come in every single day. the company has reportedly fielded more than 1 million of those requests just last year. a jumple of roughly 15% from the year before. now we're told investigators sometimes targeted 1 particular suspect. other times they asked for a data dump as they call it, demanding information about any person who used his or her cell phone at a certain location. a lot of privacy concerns. our chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt with this story. it's those data dumps, jonathan, that could be the biggest concern among the privacy advocacy groups. >> yeah, because in the words of democratic congressman ed markey who first requested this information from the cell phone carrier, shep, when investigators do that, they are looking for a needle but they are effectively getting a whole hay stack of information from potentially millions of cell phone users.
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over the period of one whole year. so, he says the public have a right to know. according to a lot of lawyers, such at you are own randy zwelling, criminal defense attorney this ultimate solid probably going to end up in the nation's top court. listen. >> i think what will happen is this will probably go up to the supreme court level. and there will be an analysis of, okay, supremes, you said you can't do it with g.p.s. you can do it with a phone? they're both computers, both have g.p.s. to me, can't do it. >> in total, shep, last year the wireless carriers got something like 1.3 million requests from law enforcement agencies. that's more than 3.5000 every single day of the year, shep. >> jonathan, despite the privacy concerns, investigators are like look, we need this information to solve crimes in this modern world. >> they point out quite rightly that at almost every single crime scene these days
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in the modern world in which we live, there is some sort of mobile device. so the information they can get from those is critical. as for the cell phone companies, they all say they follow the law. this statement that we got from verizon is typical. they say verizon wireless scrupulously follows the law when releasing information in response to law enforcement requests. absent a life-threatening emergency or customer consent, verse wireless always requires law enforcement agencies to provide appropriate legal process. but, clearly, congress may well have to write some more laws here and as randy said it may all end up at the supreme court, shep. >> shepard: none than hunt live in new york city tonight. the state of texas is now locked in a big legal battle with the feds over whether texas can force voters who-to-show an i.d. before casting a ballot. but the implications of this upcoming court decision will have an enormous effect on this election in november all across the country. plus, we hate paying our phone
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bills, right? everybody does. what happens when hackers break into your account and ring up a million dollars in bogus charges? it can happen. you'll meet the person who knows it. from the journalists of fox news, on this monday fox report. live from kansas city. just wrapping up batting practice ahead of the mid-summer classic tomorrow night on fox. the news continues right after this. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone. the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need...
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hottest june it seemed like, right? it turns out t was. we have now learned that the six month period from january to june was the hottest in the united states since forecasters started keeping track more than 100 years ago. take a look at this map. weather trackers say the entire region in dark red had record heat over the past six months. almost the entire eastern part of the country. that's more than half the continental united states. inside the orange area there. the temperature was much above normal and in the midwest, it was still love normal. of course, the high temperatures and dry conditions help trigger those powerful western wildfires. and last month more than half of the lower 48 states reportedly went through drought conditions. a major threat to corn and other u.s. crops. the reason? we'll report, you decide. a federal court now deciding whether the state of texas can require voters to show i.d. before they cast a ballot. it's a creates that really could effect a whole lot of
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voters this election year. republic supports of the texas measure says it would cut down on voter frawvmentd the critics stay actually does discriminate against minorities along with the poor and elderly, many people who may be likely not to have photo ids such as a driver's license. the justice department used that argument to block the texas law in the spring. now texas' argument in this case is in the federal court. it has implications far beyond texas. more than half of states require voters to show some form of identification. nine states have very tough voter i.d. laws. just as texas. although several are tied up in the courts or awaiting justice department approval. so what's it all about? james rosen with the news live in d.c. day one for this trial today, what happened in court, james? >> shep, good evening, after opening argument, the state of texas led off adam the hired gun out of chicago representing the lone star state denied that the photo i.d. law was intended to discriminate against
4:15 pm
minorities and said it would not have that effect. he also took direct aim at the credibility of stephan, the harvard professor who was doj's expert witness. the professor had produced a report showing that 1.9 million people in texas are registered to vote there but don't have a photo i.d. the black majority of them black and hispanic. then brian keith ingraham who heads the texas secretary of state's elections divisions got on the stand and testified that he spotted himself and his wife on the professor's list of supposedly disenfranchised voters. and to hammer home the point, shep, ingraham produced his own driver's license. >> shepard: the burden here is on tax to prove that it is not discriminating against minorities with this law. right? >> under the law, that's correct. and doj's lead attorney, elizabeth west fall argued today that there was, in the texas legislature, when it passed this law, a discriminatory purpose against minorities. witnesses today testified that there are some 50,000 dead
4:16 pm
people and convicted felons still on the voter rolls in texas. westfield argued that the problems were there were not quite widespread and this 14 month old law could not be implemented without jeopardizing the rights of americans. >> cannot meet this threshold we will object under the voting rights act of 196 a and other laws in order to guarantee that all eligible citizens have unrestricted access to the ballot box. >> eric holder has picked on a few southern states to try to prevent them from using the same law that is being used and applied and upheld as legal across the rest of the country. >> there is no jury here, shep. just a special three-judge panel. the trial will conclude by week's' a verdict expected by td of august, shep? >> shepard: james rosen live in washington. james, thank you. we are hearing a dramatic newly released 911 call from the day former commerce secretary john brysen crashed his car not once but three
4:17 pm
times in a matter of minutes. remember that? the man on the line says he is following a drunk driver who hit his car twice then left the scene. we now know that driver was the u.s. commerce secretary john brysen. investigators say the secretary was not under the influence but had apparently suffered some sort of seizure. the web site tmz got the recording. now we have it. listen. >> we have a drunk driver that just hit us and fled. >> where at? >> he hit us twice. we are actually pursuing him right now. >> oh, my god. i hope he doesn't get on the freeway. >> he just hit someone. >> he just hit a honda. >> lexus 50. >> don't move. stay down. stay down. we have hill. is he drunk. >> don't move. he just hit another car, ma'am. >> well, prosecutors opted not to charge secretary brysen with anything because doctors agreed he was confused because of that seizure. and that's what caused the crashes. not drunk at all.
4:18 pm
this happened last month outside los angeles. secretary brysen has since resigned saying he does not want his health to be a distraction from his job. a man who says hackers ran up a 1-million-dollar phone bill could now be, well, off the hook. the phone giant at&t dropped its legal battle against the businessman in massachusetts. he claims somebody broke into his company's phone system back in 2009, racked up almost 900 grand in calls to somalia. at&t officials say they are legally entitled to the cash but they will stop fighting for it. the man says if he pays the bill his company would go under and cost more than a dozen jobs. their faith was a mystery for nearly 50 years. it is no more. tonight, some american heros finally have their due. the military honoring the airmen many feared would never get a proper farewell. plus, we were told a virus could leave a lot of us stuck offline. so what happened to the warnings of the internet
4:19 pm
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>> shepard: never leave a man behind. words the u.s. military has endeavored to follow for generations. today, at argueton cemetery. the remains of six airmen finally laid to rest near a half a century after they went missing in the jungles of southeast asia. it was christmas eve in 1965. the crew was flying an air force gun ship over the nation of louis. west of vietnam. a may day call was the last anyone ever heard from them. their families say that for seven years they believed the airmen might have survived. but when the vietnam war ended at long last, the chances of
4:23 pm
their return grew slimmer it wasn't until 1995 that search crews found the crash site. they recovered one singling tooth which matched one of those airmen. the evidence of other remains largely circumstantial. none the less, the crew buried today with full military honors. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, they there are still 1824 servicemen missing in vietnam. >> yes, but today at least there was a degree of closure for six families who had been waiting 50 years to find out what had happened on christmas eve, 1965. colonel joseph christian know, colonel derek jeffers, lt. colonel dennis airlines and jeff master sergeants william cardwell, hassinger and william thornton were buried in the same casket at afterton national cemetery. at first the families say they had hoped they had been taken prisoner. and when the prisoners of war were released those hopes
4:24 pm
faded, shep. >> shepard: how did they eventually manage to find the remains it? >> it was a villager in laos to took search teams to the sites in 1995. follow-up teams similar to these ones that you see here from search sites across vietnam visited the site again in 1999 and 2001. but the excavation was suspended until 2010 and 2011. when human remains and some personal effects were finally found. the u.s. military found 62 sets of remains last year in south asia. the son of chief master sergeant larry thornton shown here in one of the last photos taken of him and members of his crew says he remembers being a sixth grader when he was told his dad and the others were missing. he says he kept thinking his dad would one day just walk out of the jungle and return home. today, he and five others did return home during a ceremony at arlington national
4:25 pm
cemetery. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon for us tonight. jennifer, thanks so much. well, did you hear all the hype about that internet doomsday virus? i guess it was a bust. officials say the computer virus by that name apparently caused just a handful of internet outages anywhere. it began infecting computers years ago really after the fbi shut down the virus it re-routed everyone's internet through specific servers, special ones so that the victims wouldn't lose access to the interwebs. well, last night, the government shut down those servers, warning anybody who had an infected computer that they would not be able to log on. as it turned out, that effected only a few people since some internet providers protected their customers by putting up their own protected servers. if you have had any trouble logging on you can call your internet service provider. chances are, not many of you did. feds are investigating new information connected to operation fast and furious. for the first time we are seeing some of the suspects in the killing of border patrol agent brian terry.
4:26 pm
now the fbi is asking for help and offering a big reward to help catch them. plus, the politician who pulled a gun during a live television show. you have seen this? we will show you the rest of the video and give you some context. that's coming up on this special edition of fox report live from kaufman stadium in kansas city and the royals in tomorrow's mid season classic. the little tykes are at t it we are approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. are choosing advil®. here's one story. i'm keith baraka and i'm a fire fighter. it's an honor to be a fire fighter. my job involves life or death situations
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this offer ends july 31st. >> shepard: we have crazy video of absolute brawl after a little league game in georgia. [shouting] >> shepard: according to police one of the parents started playing loud music after the kids won the game. parent from the other team told the guy to turn it down and obviously this happened. police say he did but both sides exchanged words and then this. police arrested two of the dads for disorderly conduct. the president of the league called the whole thing embarrassing. and another official said the league should bar the two men from all future games. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. live from kansas city. the fbi is offering a
4:31 pm
1-million-dollar reward to track did you know four suspects in the killing of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. the feds say they have two other suspects in custody tonight. prosecutors say agent terry died in a shootout in december of 2010 near the arizona, mexico border. investigators say they found weapons at the scene be from operation fast and furious. officials say the government program was supposed to track hundreds of guns from the u.s. to mexican drug cartels. but investigators say the feds did not track many of those weapons and some of them turned up at the crime scene on both sides of the borders. last month, united states house of representatives voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for refusing to turn over more documents about fast and furious. the president is using executive privilege to keep the files under wraps. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour and william la jeunesse has it live at our west coast news hub this afternoon. william? >> well, shepard u until now, police said only one man was in custody and charged with terry's death and he was shot
4:32 pm
that night by the border patrol. we also know his brother has also been in custody for helping to provide the guns used that that shooting. as for that 1-million-dollar reward it is offered for information on these four fugitives. all believed to be in mexico where wanted posters are going up across the country right now. 250 grand per suspect. the fbi did not say where they believed these suspects currently are hiding, mexican police have joined in the search. while plenty of political drama surrounds this case with the contempt charges against the attorney general. prosecutors say they remain focused on finding the killers. >> brian terry was truly an agent's agent. he was a man of deep courage and honor. and that is something that despite all the atmospherics around this case, this prosecution team, the fbi, and the border patrol are very focused on. we are not distracted. >> for the first time we also learned that brian terry's team first fired nonlethal
4:33 pm
beaten beaten bags not bullets at this crew. called nonlethal force in a very active drug corridor politically decision. this comes three weeks before the likelifying, shepard, a of a multi-million-dollar wrongful death suit on behalf of the government behalf of the terry familiar for the fast and furious scandal. back to you. >> shepard: william la jeunesse live in los angeles. william, thanks. the former massachusetts governor mitt romney just pulled off a huge win in the race to raise campaign cash. as we reported last week, now staffers have confirmed governor romney's campaign and the republic party report they raised more than $106 million in june. their best month so far. the president did very well as well. his campaign, the democratic party tell us they have their best month of all. but took in $71 million. campaign karl carl cameron
4:34 pm
live in d.c. tonight. carl, how do we explain all of this? >> well, shep, a lot of democrats who donated big in 2008 to obama are a little frustrated with their president now. not only did romney outraise mr. obama by $35 million. romney has $160 million of cash on hand. and the president who has been spending much faster than the romney campaign hasn't said how much he has in the bank. so, team obama now run 68,000 tv commercials just in the month of june. that is more than triple the 23,000 or so that romney has aired. and according to the independent campaign media analysis group. 75%. fully 52,000 obama ads were negative attacks on romney. now, romney's ads were not as negative but did he have a lot of help from some of those pro romney super pacs to help close the gap. romney powbz the president on the trail just about every day, shep. an awful allot of money on the obama campaign and not as much on romney. >> shepard: democrats opening up a new line of attack on too, right?
4:35 pm
>> yeah. while democrats were pretty much blasting romney for his business records on the talk know shows this weekend. obama campaign attack ad abortion in several key battleground states claiming that romney would outlaw all abortions. that's actually false. romney supports abortion rights in the case of rape, insist and the life of the mother. what's unusual is how early they have come. democrat campaigns generally wait until very close to election day to raise abortion politics. doing so four months early is another sign of worry on the democratic side and perhaps that that gender gap advantage with women needs a little bit more attention. shep? >> shepard: carl cammeron live in washington. carl, thank you. overseas, russia has signaled slight relationship relationship with syria. suspending new weapons contacts with syria. key word there new. this won't effect any existing weapons deals and frankly we don't know what those weapons deals are or when they are set
4:36 pm
to expire. of course, russia and syria have been allies since the soviet errand russia has repeatedly blocked the united nations from taking tough action against the syrian imevment. meanwhile, opposition group reports that the syrian uprising has now killed more than 17,000 people. fox news can't confirm that because the syrian regime put serious limits on journalists. also today, the special envoy to syria. general kofi annan met with the syrian president bashar assad. kofi annan said they agreed on another path towards peace. but we have heard that a number of times in the past 16 months. let's get the long and short of it all from leland vittert who is in our middle east newsroom tonight. leland? >> shepard, the long and the short of the latest peace plan is we don't know what it is because kofi annan says is he going to keep it a secret. as for the russians, this is a slight change but an important one. it may show that moscow is getting a little bit embarrassed by the syrian ally and president assad tactics. to that end initially they
4:37 pm
have canceled delivery of 40 fired jets that could be used to attack populations. if the syrians care about this they haven't showed it yet. latest amateur video coming out of syria shows them continuing to shell their own population in homs and other cities that are in resolt volt. the artillery shells continue to reign -- rain down. one town overtaken by government troops over the weekend. syrians aren't threatening just their own people but anybody who may intervene on behalf of the allies. over the weekend launched massive war games, firing off hundreds of missiles not only from ground-based launchers but also from ships at a number of targets there in syria. those missiles could certainly hit turkey or israel. it looks like right now, shepard, we are entering into a phase here where the rebels don't have the kind of fire power to hold any kind of territory and also the government doesn't have enough loyal troops to actually put down this revolt once and for all. could remain very bloody for a long time.
4:38 pm
shepard? >> shepard: leland vittert live early this tuesday morning. excuse me. [coughing] wow, allergies in the air here in kansas city. now, a wealthy celebrity with very influential friends including a former president renouncing her citizenship. and it could keep millions from uncle sam. that, plus north carolina has has -- north korea has a long history of doing things without american permission if you will. apparently that now includes the use of disney characters. oh, kim jong un. the new one, kim the younger likes the disney characters. [ laughter ] this is priceless. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
4:39 pm
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one austria she a citizen and as you tree an doesn't tax worldwide income the way the united states does that will save her tens of millions of dollars, as well as the fact that austria's tax rate is much lower than the united states. she still owns more than $100 million of property in the u.s. and back in 2008, congress passed an exit tax which would take 15% of her
4:43 pm
net worth but experts say if she restructures her assets into foreign contracts, that she could mitigate her tax base there as well. shep? >> shepard: and as i mentioned, trace, this is a bit of a trend here, it looks like? >> yeah. and some say that it might be relate to the economy because if you look at the numbers, it has gone up dramatically in recent years. i mean, look back at this chart. in just the past four years the number of people giving up their passports has gone up 700% and they expect t to rise again this year. among the best known expats. facebook co-founderrer eduardo and john the iii heir to the campbell soup fortune. cato institute doesn't think a better economy is going to help this. listen to them. >> stronger economy is going to increase the value of your portfolio ultimately this is an issue of the american tax code being extremely unfriendly to wealth creation.
4:44 pm
and that's driving people out of country that we should want in the country because of their ability to deploy all those resources to create jobs. >> just an example, edwardo severine could save anywhere between 65 and $75 million by giving up his residency. shep? >> shepard: wow, trace gallagher in los angeles. trace, thanks. there is a lot to hate about north korea, right? the way they always look at things and then the way they throw parties is pretty awesome the new leader of north korea just threw himself a huge party and us a would expect of any 20-something dictator, the stars of the show were disney characters. mickey, minute minnie pooh bear. the disney company didn't authorize it all at all. signify big change for hatred of all things american. king jonbenet ramsey jong un
4:45 pm
took over the kingdom after his father kim jong un died in december. fox report continues after this. ♪ what can i get you? cheeseburger. you know what, got any salads ? b-ball, anyone ? and then take your leg wide out to the side. you can do it, dad ! thanks, girls.
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>> shepard: hey, tom cat, that was fast. tom cruise and katy holmes has settled their divorce we're told less than two weeks after they called it quits. the couple married nearly six years ago. katy holmes blindsided her husband tom with the split he was overseas filming a movie. the couple has a 6-year-old daughter suri. katy holmes was seeking sole custody and the tabloids appeared to be gearing up for messy court fight. this quick end to the marriage could be the end to all of that jamie colby live in our new york city newsroom. both of them are staying pretty tight-lipped on all of
4:49 pm
this. what do we know? >> it's not surprising. i will tell you exactly what we know, shepard. i want to tell you this just coming out from the church of scientology a little bit of breaking news that my producer and i were able to generate. the whole divorce it h. to do with whether or not the church wanted to take some more custody or some more time with baby suri and that katy holmes was concerned about it and they have given us basically that the church has no comment, i'm quoting, this is always and was a private matter and the church will continue to respect their privacy. it says it signs regard media relations from the church of scientology. also just out, shepard, for the attorney for katy holmes saying that there are v. already been inaccuracies reported in the media coworker the settlement and the agreement that was developed between the two. i can assure you that did not come from us here at fox news. we haven't given any details because neither have they. but what we do know is that they did sign a settlement agreement today. they are going to go their separate ways.
4:50 pm
and at this point there will be no court action which, as you can imagine, would have been very public. maybe they are protecting their child by not doing it maybe it has something to do with the church. my guess is, as a lawyer, we're never going to know. >> shepard: my goodness, we don't want to get anything wrong on tom cat. >> huh-uh. >> shepard: close the doors down, go bankrupt after that whatever, tom cat, get over yourselves. lawmaker could face charges of attempted murder after pulling a gun on another man during a live tv talk show. that's according to one attorney. here watch. happened last thursday in jordan during a debate about the crisis syria. watch the set collapse. the man on the left of your screen called the guy on the right a mafia thief. that guy clearly all kinds of mad ripped off his shoe and threw it at the guy and then out came a gun. nobody shot anybody but prosecutors say a court is reviewing the evidence. the show's host stuck in the middle of this mess described it as the wild west without
4:51 pm
the horses. thank you, jordan, for all of that a massive fountain of water erupts right in the middle of rain shower -- rush hour traffic and it tops our news around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." china it, happened when a construction excavator ruptured the pipe in shanghai. you can see the water gushing from the middle of the busy highway. it shot nearly 20 feet in the air and even broke a traffic light hanging above the road. workers rushed in to redirect traffic and mop up the flooding. nigeria, officials imposed a curfew after ethnic violence killed more than 60 people over the weekend. state television showed police convoys patrolling the tents region known as the middle belt where the mostly muslim north meets the largely christian south. india. the death toll reportedly tops 100 after a monsoon triggered new flooding and mud slides in
4:52 pm
the northeast. more than 2 million displaced villagers are living in makeshift shelters or with family and friends. the central government has offered nearly $90 million in aid for what one state official calls a catastrophe. australia. marine scientists from around the world gathering on the northeast coast to pledge to save ocean coral reefs. thousands of researchers signed the pledge which officials presented symposium on conservation. nearly all the reefs are in decline and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> it's a new era in the morning show wars. savanna guthrie debuting at the anchor desk. matt lauer welcomed her. take a listen.
4:53 pm
>> very new day with savannah guthrie who after several years of playing a great role on this program takes a step forward and joins us as co-anchor of towed. how does it feel. >> great. good morning. it's an hon here. >> shepard: happy happy great transition, nbc. we are so proud of you. guthrie takes over for ann curry who got kicked -- wait, who lost the job after a year amid a bit of a ratings war that nbc started losing sudden suddenly. over at abc, good morning america has been gaining ground in recent months. well, today the oscar winning actor earnest borgnine has died. the u.s. navy vet went to theater school on the g.i. bill. he landed jobs on broadway and memorable films like from here to eternity and bad day at black rock. but he played against type in the 1955 drama marty. his performance is a lonely butcher from the bronx earned him an academy award for best anchor. >> i don't make friends
4:54 pm
easily. >> well, what are you talking about? you are a likeable person. you make friends up there in 1, 2, 3. listen to you all the time. i'll come up and visit you. i will get my brother freddie's car or call me up when you feel blue or i will call you up and it will be real nice. >> shepard: earnest borgnine soon moved to television playing the rule breaking commander in the long running sitcom mchale's navy. earnest borgnine the nicest man i ever worked with. kept working through his 90's. his publicist says borgnine died of kidney failure. [jets flying overhead] anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
game tomorrow night here in kansas city on big fox just down the dial. wow, what a site. a new chapter in baseball diplomacy tonight. team u.s.a. and team cuba wrap up first non-tormt history in 16 years. the teams have played each other since the 1970s but stopped after 1996 when relations between the countries hit a real low point. team u.s.a. manager says the rivalry should continue. >> i think it's important for international baseball that these two baseball power houses are able to meet on the same field and take competition against one another. >> organizers say they are working out details. cuba's team come to the united states next summer. updating some of fox top stories tonight. president obama pushing to extend the bush era tax cuts for the middle class. the white house says the president will veto any bill renewing cuts for those making more than $250,000 a year.
4:59 pm
international envoy kofi annan meeting with the syrian president bashar assad. talk about a peace deal. he says he and president assad agreed on a new approach for stopping the violence. and on this day in 1918, a pair of passenger trains crashed in nashville in the deadliest rail disaster in u.s. history. both trains were traveling from opposite directions on the same tracks when they smashed into each other at speeds of at least 50 miles per hour. folks as far as two miles away heard the collision. killed more than 100 people. hurt dozens more and completely shattered some wooden cars. officials called in local butchers and funeral homeworkers to help free bodies from the wreckage. investigators found a signal operator was just one of many people who contribute to the disaster. but bloodstained the tracks in nashville 94 years ago today. and no

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